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Motorcycles are popular in the Santa Fe area, and many riders enjoy the beautiful landscape on their bikes. Unfortunately, other drivers often fail to see motorcycles and cause serious accidents. If you were injured in a motorcycle crash, you need the right legal representation to protect your rights. At McGinn Montoya Love Curry & Sievers PA, we represent motorcyclists who have been injured by negligent drivers.

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Common Causes of Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycles are more difficult to see than cars and trucks, but drivers still have a duty to look out for them and drive with caution. When they fail to do so, they can be held accountable for the injuries they cause.

Some of the most common causes of motorcycle accidents include:

  • Left-turn accidents: A car making a left turn is one of the most dangerous situations for a motorcyclist. The car may fail to see the motorcycle and crash into it.
  • Head-on collisions: When a car crashes head-on into a motorcycle, the rider is likely to be thrown off the bike and suffer serious injuries.
  • Lane-change accidents: A driver who fails to check their blind spot can crash into a motorcyclist when changing lanes.
  • Dooring accidents: A driver who opens their car door into the path of a motorcycle can cause a serious crash.
  • Rear-end accidents: A driver who crashes into the back of a motorcycle can cause the rider to be thrown off the bike.
  • Speeding: A driver who is speeding is more likely to crash into a motorcyclist.
  • Impaired driving: A driver who is under the influence of alcohol or drugs is more likely to crash into a motorcyclist.
  • Distracted driving: A driver who is texting or otherwise distracted can crash into a motorcyclist.

In New Mexico, you have three years from the date of the crash to file a personal injury lawsuit. This may seem like a long time, but it is important to start working on your case as soon as possible. The longer you wait, the more difficult it can be to collect the evidence you need to prove your case and the harder it can be to find witnesses.

Why Motorcycle Accidents Often Lead to Catastrophic Injuries

Motorcycle accidents can result in catastrophic injuries due to various factors, including the lack of protection for riders compared to those in enclosed vehicles, the high speeds often involved, and the vulnerability of motorcycles in traffic.

Here's how these accidents can result in catastrophic injuries:

  • Impact Forces: In motorcycle accidents, riders are often thrown from their bikes upon impact with another vehicle, a stationary object, or the road surface itself. The force of impact can lead to severe injuries, including head trauma, spinal cord injuries, and fractures.
  • Lack of Protective Gear: Unlike car drivers who are enclosed within a metal shell with safety features like seat belts and airbags, motorcyclists have minimal protection. Even with helmets and other protective gear, they are more exposed to direct impact and abrasions, increasing the severity of injuries.
  • Ejection from the Motorcycle: When a motorcycle collides with another vehicle or object, the rider may be ejected from the motorcycle and thrown onto the road or into other obstacles. This can result in traumatic injuries such as traumatic brain injuries (TBIs), spinal cord injuries (SCIs), and internal organ damage.
  • Secondary Collisions: After being ejected from their motorcycles, riders may be at risk of secondary collisions with other vehicles, objects, or even the road surface itself. These secondary impacts can exacerbate existing injuries or cause additional trauma.
  • Road Hazards: Motorcycles are more susceptible to losing control due to road hazards such as potholes, gravel, oil spills, or debris. A loss of control at high speeds can lead to devastating crashes and catastrophic injuries.

Common types of catastrophic injuries resulting from motorcycle accidents include:

  • Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBIs): These occur due to severe blows to the head, leading to concussions, contusions, or more severe brain damage. TBIs can result in long-term cognitive impairments, physical disabilities, and changes in personality or behavior.
  • Spinal Cord Injuries (SCIs): Damage to the spinal cord can cause partial or complete paralysis below the site of injury, leading to loss of sensation and motor function. SCIs often result in lifelong disabilities and require extensive rehabilitation.
  • Fractures and Orthopedic Injuries: Motorcycle accidents frequently cause fractures to the extremities, pelvis, and spine. These fractures can be severe, requiring surgery, prolonged immobilization, and rehabilitation to regain function.
  • Internal Organ Damage: Blunt force trauma from motorcycle accidents can cause significant damage to internal organs such as the lungs, liver, spleen, and kidneys. Internal bleeding and organ failure can result, requiring immediate medical intervention.
  • Severe Burns and Road Rash: Motorcyclists involved in accidents may suffer severe burns from contact with hot surfaces such as the engine or exhaust pipes. Additionally, sliding across the road surface can cause extensive abrasions known as road rash, which can lead to infections and scarring.
  • Amputations: In catastrophic motorcycle accidents, limbs may become trapped or severely injured, necessitating surgical amputation to save the victim's life or improve their quality of life.

How Our Motorcycle Accident Lawyers Can Help

If you were injured in a motorcycle accident, you may be entitled to compensation for your medical bills, lost wages, and other damages. However, the insurance company is not on your side. They will look for any reason to deny your claim or to pay you as little as possible.

Our attorneys can help level the playing field. We know how to negotiate with insurance companies, and we have a strong track record of getting results for our clients. We will not back down, and we will fight to get you the full compensation you deserve.

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