Our Philosophy

The lawyers at McGinn, Montoya, Love & Curry, P.A. (MMLC), are best at representing David against Goliath. They are centrally located in Albuquerque and they represent individuals and families all over New Mexico.

We help ordinary citizens — mothers, fathers and children — to hold accountable insurance companies, corporate wrongdoers, HMOs, trucking companies and the government when their dangerous choices cause the wrongful death or catastrophic injury of a loved one, deny life-saving medical treatment, and put everyone at risk.

For over 25 years, and on behalf of the people we are privileged to represent, we have tried to use the law as a force for good by asking not only for the necessary monetary compensation, but also demanding safety changes so that no one else has to suffer personal injury or death from the same bad behavior, dangerous products or practices.

Learn more about the ways our attorneys have assisted our clients to make the community safer in different  types of cases, from car and trucking collisions and medical malpractice to defective products and civil rights violations.