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15 Questions to Ask Your Birth Team

The birth of a child is often regarded as one of the best days of a parent’s life. Childbirth can, however, be a challenging process. It is, therefore, very important for expecting parents to take great care in selecting a birth team. In interviewing candidates, it is always better to ask too many questions than to find out something the hard way after you go into labor.

Several crucial questions you should consider asking when selecting a candidate for your birth team include:

  1. What is your training?
  2. What is a typical birth like under your care?
  3. For how long have you worked in labor and delivery?
  4. How many births have you performed? And how many do you attend each month?
  5. Who are the members of the birth team and what are their roles?
  6. If midwives are part of the team, how does their role differ from the physician’s?
  7. How do you monitor the baby’s well-being during the labor and delivery process?
  8. Will the same person provide pre-natal care and attend the birth?
  9. What happens if I go into labor and a member of the team is not available? Who would be the backup?
  10. Which member of the team is qualified to perform a C-section? Will someone be present during my labor who is qualified to perform a C-section?
  11. What inspired you to work in child delivery?
  12. What interventions, treatments, and tools do you use? Is there anything you do not use?
  13. What is your emergency support protocol?
  14. How much are your services? And are there any potential or additional charges I should be aware of?
  15. What pre- and post-natal services do you provide?

Remember, the goal of asking these questions is to ensure that you are confident in your birth team’s ability to guide you through the ups and downs of childbirth. Everyone’s birthing experience is different, and everyone deserves to have a birth team they can rely on to safely bring their baby into the world.

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