Fetal Heart Monitoring

The Importance of Fetal Heart Monitoring

Fetal heart monitoring is, as its name implies, is an important way to check on a baby’s heart rate during labor and delivery. It allows medical professionals to detect problems during pregnancy and labor early on, reducing the risk of injury to the mother and the baby.

Talk to your healthcare team about fetal heart monitoring.

Why Is Fetal Heart Monitoring Used?

Simply put, fetal heart monitoring is used to detect issues as they arise, before they worsen, and while there is time to respond. Since babies in the labor and delivery process are unable to tell providers about how they are doing, the fetal heart rate monitor is critical to assess their conditions and health. If a baby’s heart rate is abnormal, the birth team must act quickly to prevent injury.

How Is It Done?

Fetal heart monitoring can be done outside (externally) or inside (internally) the body. Most mothers have external continuous monitoring; internal fetal heart monitoring is less common, but can be very important if the external monitoring is not giving the needed information.

In external continuous monitoring, the baby’s heart rate is monitored at all times through two sensors, which are secured on top of the mother’s belly with elastic belts. One sensor checks the baby’s heart rate and responses to contractions, while the other records the mother’s contractions.

In internal fetal heart monitoring, the heart rate is checked via a sensor with a thin wire. The wire is inserted through the birth canal and into the uterus, where it is attached to the baby’s scalp.

When Is Fetal Heart Monitoring Used?

The best way to find out if you and your baby could benefit from fetal heart monitoring is to speak with your birth team.

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