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How Do Brain Injuries Affect Memory?

Traumatic brain injuries (TBIs), in particular, tend to have a high rate of related memory disorders. On top of that, the road to recovery is often a long and winding one.

Impacts of Moderate to Severe TBIs

The Model Systems Knowledge Translation Center (MSKTC) examines TBIs. Per its studies, it is clear many people who sustain moderate to severe TBIs suffer memory problems as a result, primarily because these injuries often damage parts of the brain that deal with remembering and learning.

For instance, if you suffered a moderate or severe TBI, you may not remember the incident leading up to it. You may also struggle with “remembering to remember”; in other words, you cannot remember to call people or keep appointments as you said you would remember to do.

Short- and Long-Term Memory Issues

TBIs tend to affect short-term memory more than long-term memory. While this may be good news for some, it can still take months or even years for short-term memory to recover completely. Since short-term memory is so crucial to daily life, this poses a significant problem for many people.

Examples of short-term memory loss include:

  • Losing track of time, including the hour or the day;
  • Misplacing important items because you forgot where you left them;
  • Forgetting important conversation details; and
  • Forgetting to keep appointments, meetings, and other time-sensitive matters.

These symptoms can make it extremely difficult to navigate daily life. People who have suffered TBIs often struggle to hold down jobs because of these memory issues alone. That is why many victims seek compensation for their injuries and lost wages, as well as for any medical expenses related to their TBI.

If you have sustained a TBI due to the actions of another, it is likely that you qualify to seek compensation via a legal claim. Our attorneys at McGinn Montoya Love Curry & Sievers PA, PA (MMLCS) will help you sort out all the legal aspects of your injury. Contact us online today to arrange for a free consultation with an acclaimed attorney.


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