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Driving Dangers and the Fourth of July

New Mexico residents who planned a road trip for the Fourth of July should know that it is considered the most dangerous summer holiday with regard to motor vehicle accidents. The Insurance for Highway Safety states that for the last10 years, the holiday has been, on average, the most dangerous day for drivers. A major insurer states that 7 percent more accident claims are filed for the Fourth of July as well as the three days before it than are filed for the Labor Day and Memorial Day holidays.

Because the holiday results in very congested roads, drivers may be weary, unfamiliar with their routes, or not properly focused on driving. This can result in an increased risk for auto accidents, which is why it is important for drivers to pay attention.

There are some suggestions on what drivers should do before they get on the road. These include ensuring that their vehicles undergo any scheduled inspections and upkeep. Spare tires should also be examined to ensure that they are road-ready in an emergency. Every driver should also have a kit for unexpected roadside difficulties. The kit should include nonperishable foods, water, a first aid kit, reflective triangles, sunscreen, a flashlight, towels, road flares, and blankets. Drivers should aside time to become familiar with the intended route before leaving. Depending on a GPS system can result in the driver being distracted and making abrupt lane changes or turns that can cause accidents.

An attorney may advise individuals injured in motor vehicle accidents caused by the negligence of another driver about their legal options. One might be the filing of a personal injury lawsuit seeking compensation for the losses that have been sustained.


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