Crusade for change

A Crusade for Change: The Fight for Patient Safety and Rights

In the wake of unimaginable tragedy, a father's sorrow transformed into a powerful force for advocacy in patient safety and rights. This journey of resilience and determination is not just a story of personal loss but a beacon of hope for systemic change within the healthcare system. Along with Kathy Love, a formidable attorney with a track record of fighting for those wronged by medical negligence, this father embarked on a mission to ensure that the pain endured by his family would lead to protection for many.

Ezra Spitzer, the father whose life took a devastating turn when he lost a newborn baby, found an ally in Kathy Love, a lawyer whose career is marked by her unwavering commitment to justice and community safety. Together, they tackled the systemic issues that allow medical negligence to persist, focusing their efforts on the Patient Compensation Fund Advisory Board in New Mexico. This board, designed to be a neutral entity overseeing a fund meant to compensate victims of medical negligence, had strayed from its mission, influenced by corporate interests over patient welfare.

Spitzer's involvement with the board was driven by his tragic experience and a steadfast belief in the need for a healthcare system that prioritizes patient safety above all. His resignation from the board was a protest against the corruption and mismanagement he witnessed, highlighting the urgent need for reform.

The collaboration between Spitzer and Love represents a powerful alliance against the forces that compromise patient safety. Their story is a call to action for individuals and legislators alike to scrutinize the healthcare system and demand reforms that ensure the protection of patients over profits.

As we reflect on their journey, it becomes clear that the fight for patient rights and safety is ongoing. It requires the courage to challenge entrenched interests and the vision to seek a healthcare system that truly serves the needs of its patients. Through their advocacy, Spitzer and Love remind us that change is possible when we stand together for justice and accountability.


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