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Do I Need an Attorney After a Truck Crash?

Commercial trucking vehicles weigh hundreds or thousands of pounds more than standard passenger vehicles. If a truck driver collides with a passenger vehicle, the consequences can be catastrophic. When so much is on the line to recover from an accident, should you seek compensation by yourself?

Catastrophic injuries can cost victims and their families hundreds of thousands of dollars. When victims decide they do not need an attorney to help them, are they making the right decision for their future?

How a lawyer can help

Legal representation is one of the most significant advantages a victim can have in a personal injury claim. Without an attorney’s help, a victim is at risk of losing some or all of their compensation. Lawyers know how to keep the injury’s liability focused solely on at-fault drivers, as their insurance may try to shift liability onto the victim as a way to cut costs.

Attorneys also know how to identify the full current and future costs of an injury and pursue the whole amount in their claim for damages. The income from this payment is commonly the only payment a victim may get, so it is vital for them to maximize this payment in every way possible.

In addition to legal guidance and experienced advocation, lawyers also make it easy for their clients to hire them. Personal injury attorneys only collect payment from the settlement or compensation they earn for their clients, which means that you do not have to pay them if your lawyer does not win your case.

Protect yourself and your future

Insurance companies prey on victims who fail to defend themselves with legal representation. Without an attorney, insurance companies can convince victims to accept a one-time lowball offer and leave the rest of the bill on them to pay for. If you suffered a severe injury in a truck crash, make sure you are not the one who pays for it.


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