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Are Freeways Causing Accident Risks on Other Roadways?

When watching the news, you may often see stories about car accidents on the freeways. This probably is not too surprising since these roads have high speeds and tend to see a lot of traffic. However, you may notice a trend occurring in Albuquerque lately where accidents happen more often on roads just off of freeways. This is something that has definitely caught the eye of law enforcement.

According to KRQE, the number of accidents occurring on roadways that exit the freeways continues to be a huge issue. Law enforcement says this is largely due to the fact that people leaving the freeway are not slowing down to the lower speed limits on these roads and are driving as if they are still on the freeway.

Obviously, side streets and other non-freeway roadways require different driving habits than those you use on a freeway. You must be aware of intersections, lower speed limits, and stop-and-go traffic. You cannot drive the same way and stay safe.

What is being done about it?

To combat this issue, officials have put safety measures in place to alert drivers to slow down when coming off the freeway. They put in place rumble strips and flashing lights with signs. The measures do show signs of helping, especially when there is an intersection just off the freeway. Officers have also increased patrols in high-risk areas to help stop speeding.

Still, the areas right off of freeways continue to be a dangerous spot for drivers. If you are in one of these areas, stay especially alert. Make sure you adjust your speed and driving habits to fit the roadway.


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