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Do Bike Lanes Improve Safety?

All around Albuquerque, bicycles are a normal sight. If you enjoy bike riding, then you probably know that the city has taken many steps to ensure your safety, including the installation of bike lanes. When riding on the roadway, you can stay in the bike lane instead of having to interact with vehicles.

U.S. News and World Report explain that bike lanes do offer protection to bicyclists and help to prevent accidents.

Lanes calm traffic

The main reason for the protection of bike lanes seems that it helps to calm traffic. Drivers may become more aware or they just are so used to watching out for lines and barriers that they honor the bike lane. This keeps you safe when riding on the roadway because motorists are paying attention to you more than they would if there was not a bike lane.

Furthermore, having a dedicated bike lane lets drivers know that it is highly possible there will be bicyclists in the area. On roads without these lanes, you are often a surprise to a motorist when he or she comes upon you.

Cities with more bikes are safer

When it comes to traffic, the general finding is that more cars on the road lead to more accidents. The opposite seems to be true for bicycles. In cities with more bicycles, you are safer when riding. The reason for this is because cities that have a lot of bicyclists will put safety measures into place, such as bike lanes. It comes down to the protected lane that is making the roads safer for bikes.


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