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Can Technology Increase Truck Safety?

Big rigs are responsible for over 4,000 deaths in one year. When a large truck shares the road, it is up to the driver to remain extra cautious on the road. While passenger vehicles also need to practice care, the amount of damage that a truck can do to a smaller car or to pedestrians is an important talking point. With the number of trucks driving in and out of New Mexico, it is important to understand truck safety. What could stop a massive accident? 

According to Forbes, truck technology may be the answer to safer trucks. In recent history, technologically advanced cars and trucks have become more common. These technological advances are not necessarily self-driving vehicles, but they do assist a person’s reaction time. One of these advances includes an automatic braking system.  An automatic braking system detects obstacles ahead of the vehicle. Once detected, the rig automatically brakes. 

In addition, the vehicle can warn the driver if he or she is drifting out of his or her lane. This could be a lifesaver for truckers who are too drowsy to be on the road. The lane departure systems are jarring and may help those who do not know how to drive to learn. 

When it comes to lane departure systems, this system can prevent over 6,000 crashes in a year. Moving forward, it is important to upgrade trucker technology to create a safer trucking experience. 

The above information is meant to inform on truck technology. It is by no means meant to be taken as legal advice.


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