Can Safety Barriers on Trucks Save Lives?

When it comes to truck safety, there are federal regulations in place to help limit trucking accidents and danger to passenger vehicles. It does not change the fact that part of the responsibility is on the driver and the trucking company to ensure that they follow each safety regulation. When they do not, it can have devastating results for others on the road.

One such safety measure that has not yet been fully implemented is the protective side barrier on semi-truck trailers. These are barriers between the front and back wheels of the truck that can prevent devastating injuries and fatalities in truck accidents. When a car hits the side of a semi-truck, the car can easily experience underride. Can safety guards protect individuals from deadly consequences in a truck accident?

The importance and future of side guards on trucks

Underride is a dangerous phenomenon that can happen when a passenger vehicle collides with a big rig. Underride occurs when the passenger vehicle slides underneath the truck. In most cases, this can shear off the top of the vehicle, leading to the deaths or serious injuries of passengers inside. The danger is already there, given the sheer size of the vehicle and often the speed of a collision of this nature. However, underride makes it even more dangerous.

While there are federal laws that require guards on the rear of semi-trucks, there are none that regulate the side guards. Crash tests determine that it is possible to save lives with the use of a side guard. These guards can prevent vehicles from continuing beneath a vehicle and thereby causing catastrophic injuries to the passengers and driver. Many organizations are pushing for the requirement of side guards on all semi-trucks.


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