Every driver fears being involved in a trucking accident. Trucks are large and heavy, making them disproportionately likely to cause serious injuries when involved in a crash. Not to mention the expensive property damage that comes from having your car damaged by a truck. But what about injuries and damage that can come from bees?

You may be wondering what trucks and bees have to do with each other. Recently, several commuters were as well. A tractor-trailer that was filled with bees–yes, bees–was involved in a serious crash on a popular interstate during rush hour, unleashing a swarm of bees on unwitting drivers.

A truck accident with unusual cargo

The large tractor-trailer had veered off the road, crashing into a roadside barrier. But the truck’s cargo–several stacked pallets containing swarms of honeybees–was apparently not adequately secured. As a result, a swarm of bees escaped the truck, swarming the surrounding vehicles on the section of interstate.

Police officers and medical personnel were initially unable to approach the scene because of the swarm. In yet another unexpected twist, one of the other motorists at the scene happened to be an experienced bee handler who got the cloud of insects under control.

Truck accidents can cause severe injuries

Fortunately, no one involved in the accident was hurt. But not everyone who survives a trucking accident is as lucky. Sometimes a truck’s cargo is not secured properly and someone is harmed as a result. This could be the case if a truck is carrying chemicals, heavy equipment or, in this case, bees.

The liable party in a truck-accident lawsuit can vary. In some cases, it be the trucking company for allowing their trucks to carry dangerous cargo or improperly storing it. In other cases, the driver may be responsible for not loading the truck correctly. Or the party that owned the cargo may have acted negligently.

Lawsuits against one of these parties are often necessary to recover damages like medical bills, injuries and emotional trauma.