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Medical Malpractice Archives

Common malpractice issues involving plastic surgery

Cosmetic surgery can involve a wide range of procedures that restore or reshape a patient's face or body. More than simply performing medically enhanced beautification, doctors and staff can reconstruct parts of the body after medically necessary surgeries or devastating injuries and enable patients to feel more confident and comfortable. Unfortunately, the results do not always measure up to what was expected or promised.

Venture capital company no cure for elder care facilities

The HCR ManorCare chain of nursing homes struggled for five years before filing bankruptcy in 2017. Owned by the Carlyle Group, which is a top tier private equity firm, the second largest nursing home group in the country put an estimated 25,000 patients in harm’s way by not properly caring for patients and not providing a safe and clean environment to live in. 

CDC announces new guidelines for treating head trauma

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recently announced guidelines for improving how medical staff and parents each recognize and deal with concussions (also known as mild traumatic brain injuries (mTBI)). Often involving student athletics, these injury symptoms usually are temporary, and 90 percent of the time go undetected and do not involve loss of consciousness. Nevertheless, they could affect the injured later in life.

A potent reminder of the danger of some medical devices

"The Bleeding Edge" is a new documentary out on Netflix that examines the potential dangers of different medical devices and treatments. We are all aware of the dangers of human error as well as the failure of products to work as designed. This film, however, graphically details how medical devices in particular can be dangerous and yet less regulated than pharmaceuticals. The strength of the documentary message is getting coverage in the media.

Federal jury rules against dialysis giant DaVita

A federal jury in Denver ruled against dialysis provider DaVita and awarded $383.5 million settlement in three wrongful death lawsuits. The victims suffered cardiac arrest and died after treatment with GranuFlo, which DaVita knew could cause toxic levels of pH imbalances and alkalosis. This remarkable number includes $125 million to each family in punitive damages with addition compensatory damage ranging between $1.5 and $5 million.

Albuquerque judge strikes down cap on malpractice settlements

In 2011, a New Mexico woman was hospitalized for several months as the result of a botched gynecological procedure. She filed a lawsuit against the obstetrician-gynecologist who performed the operation, as well as her health care provider. A court granted her over $2 million in damages.

Complications from childbirth are increasing in the U.S.

The United States currently has the highest maternal mortality rate of any industrialized country in the world. Approximately 4 million women give birth in the country every year. Of these women, 50,000 will endure serious or life-threatening complications related to their pregnancy.

12 women accuse jailed New Mexico psychiatrist of sexual abuse

In July, a New Mexico psychiatrist was arrested on six counts of criminal sexual penetration as well as five counts of criminal sexual conduct. The sexual abuse occurred during "visits to his office during office hours that were part of supposed treatment," according to a Farmington police detective. The doctor was denied bond and is awaiting trial.

Is your loved one's nursing home prepared for an emergency?

Hurricane Irma slammed into South Florida on Sept. 14. The next day, eight residents of the Rehabilitation Center of Hollywood Hills died. The facility did not seek evacuation even though the air conditioning was knocked out by the storm, and some elderly and disabled people are medically sensitive to heat.

How some dosage errors occur

New Mexico patients may be interested to learn that some harmful errors in drug prescribing occur because of 10-fold dosage mistakes. For example, a trailing zero, such as 1.0 mg, might be misread as 10 mg. Similarly, the lack of a leading zero could lead to confusion between .5 mg and 5 mg.

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