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String of fatal accidents at sites linked to drilling contractor

Patterson-UTI is a company that provides contract drilling services to areas with heavy mining and oil industries. They are hired at sites in Wyoming, New Mexico, Texas, Oklahoma, and other states. Patterson-UTI supplies workers and rigs and does not get involved with production.

Prisons may serve tainted food to inmates

Even incarcerated citizens have a right to decent healthcare and nutrition. However, some prisons throughout America have failed to adequately prepare meals for the citizens in their custody, creating massive outbreaks of foodborne illness.

New Mexico ranked seventh least friendly state for bicyclists

New Mexico is known for a lot of great things, but unfortunately it is not known for bicycle friendliness. The League of American Bicyclists ranks all 50 states every year based on their friendliness toward bicyclists, and New Mexico ranked 44th in 2017. In the Western region, New Mexico ranked 11th of 13, outranking Montana and Hawaii, respectively.

Coal mining: do you know how to stay safe?

Coal mining is essential to New Mexico’s economy, and an important part of its history. Unfortunately, mining remains a dangerous industry with a number of daily risks. Workers can easily be injured working with the powerful machinery, trucks, occasional fires, slip and fall accidents, chemical hazards and from a number of other causes. Do you know the leading cause of coal mining injuries, and how you can stay safe on the job?