The Honda Motor Company has announced that it will recall 1.1 million Honda and Acura vehicles because of faulty air bag inflators. This is now the largest motor vehicle recall in history. Not to be confused with an earlier recall involving Takata airbags, this new recall involves the replacements of the previous recall in 2015, which involved propellant that could became unstable and explode upon impact. This led to the deaths of an estimated 220 or more people worldwide, including a dozen here in the U.S.

A new incident in January prompts recalls

According to the manufacturer, the recent recall was sparked over a driver injured in a crash where a driver-side air bag inflator on a 2004 Honda Odyssey ruptured. To compensate for the instability of the previous propellant, an additive known as desiccant was used and is listed as the cause. The additive reportedly is found to activate the air bag with too much force, which causes the interior to be sprayed with metal parts.

At this time, Honda is the only manufacturer involved in this recall and no root cause has been confirmed, but it speculates that the inflator involved has much more desiccant than similar desiccant types. This may be related to the humidity being introduced before the device was sealed during assembly in Mexico.

The danger is real

The recall statement explains that the malfunction of this item could cause severe injury or even death. Yet despite these circumstances, victims may not be aware of this issue. Those who suspect that they were injured from an airbag malfunction are advised to speak with an attorney. They understand the legal process and can focus on seeking compensation for injurieswhile victims and their families concentrate on their recovery.