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January 2018 Archives

String of fatal accidents at sites linked to drilling contractor

Patterson-UTI is a company that provides contract drilling services to areas with heavy mining and oil industries. They are hired at sites in Wyoming, New Mexico, Texas, Oklahoma, and other states. Patterson-UTI supplies workers and rigs and does not get involved with production.

Sleep-deprived truck drivers pose safety risks

Federal safety regulations are supposed to prohibit sleep-deprived truck drivers from getting behind the wheel, but many trucking companies still push their drivers to work with little to no sleep. When truckers try to complete their shifts without enough rest, the results can be dangerous. Property damage, injuries or even fatalities could result from fatigued truck drivers who cause accidents.

Takata has expanded airbag recall: Millions of vehicles affected

The recent recall of Takata airbags is one of the largest in consumer history. Since July of 2017, nearly 46 million defective, potentially dangerous airbags manufactured by the Japanese company have been recalled. Around 34 million cars, trucks and other vehicles have been affected worldwide.

Prisons may serve tainted food to inmates

Even incarcerated citizens have a right to decent healthcare and nutrition. However, some prisons throughout America have failed to adequately prepare meals for the citizens in their custody, creating massive outbreaks of foodborne illness.

When might a drowning be considered wrongful death?

No one anticipates losing a family member to an accidental drowning. Even for families who live near bodies of water, engage in water activities or have jobs involving waterways, a drowning comes as a tragic shock. Drowning deaths are nearly always accidental, but that does not necessarily mean that the deceased is at fault. Some drownings are the result of another party's negligent or reckless actions. In these cases, the family of the decedent may seek legal recourse through a wrongful death lawsuit.

New Mexico ranked seventh least friendly state for bicyclists

New Mexico is known for a lot of great things, but unfortunately it is not known for bicycle friendliness. The League of American Bicyclists ranks all 50 states every year based on their friendliness toward bicyclists, and New Mexico ranked 44th in 2017. In the Western region, New Mexico ranked 11th of 13, outranking Montana and Hawaii, respectively.

Police allegedly pointed assault weapons at 9-year-old girl

A New Mexico family has filed suit against the Department of Public Safety, claiming that New Mexico State Police officers used excessive force while searching for an escaped prisoner. Family members claim that, among other things, several police officers pointed their assault rifles at an unarmed 9-year-old girl who was holding an infant.