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Preventing wrong-patient errors

New Mexico patients may be interested to learn that situations where a treatment or procedure is administered to the wrong patient still occur in all stages of diagnosis and treatment. In some cases, health care providers may document a patient's information in the wrong medical record or fail to verify that they have the right patient before making a diagnosis or administering a treatment. These errors can result in serious medical consequences or even death.

Many breast cancer patients receive unnecessary testing

New Mexico women who have been examined for early-stage breast cancer may not be pleased to learn that, according to a study, they often undergo advanced imaging and tumor-marker tests even though some oncology guidelines do not recommend them. For asymptomatic patients, these unnecessary tests can be costly even though they have provide little to no benefits.

Learning more about informed consent

Patients in New Mexico and throughout the country are entitled to have all the information necessary to make informed decisions about their medical treatment. Medical professionals are required to discuss alternate treatment options as well as the risks and possible prognosis after going through with a specific course of action. This information must be presented in a manner that is both detailed and easy to understand.

4 (perhaps surprising) examples of medical malpractice

You may know that medical malpractice claims often arise from incidences like surgical mistakes or unlicensed performance of procedures. While these are certainly grounds to take legal action, there are many other situations that can and often do lead to civil claims when they cause patient injury or death.

Jury awards Las Cruces couple $67 million for disputed pacemaker implant

By James Staley

LAS CRUCES >> A jury Monday awarded a Las Cruces couple nearly $70 million in damages after finding that a German company and one of its salesmen conspired to unnecessarily implant a pacemaker in 2007, marking the end of a lengthy civil trial.